Purchasing &

Load Management

Our Purchasing & Load Management delivers advanced features you need and have come to expect from FRESH software. To name a few, Fresh offers sophisticated entry screen design allowing for multiple vendors and costs associated to each vendor, costing breakdown and evaluation of landed cost, and up to the second profit monitoring and management.


Control & Traceability

The Inventory module includes a complete warehouse management system that allows you to closely follow the status of your inventory items through rigorous accounting of reception, shipping, returns, and adjustments of merchandise.



Improve inventory accuracy with Barcode scanning for pickers and packers and to simplify walk in customer checkouts.

Sales Order

Processing & Shipping

Sales Orders can be processed using the Sales Entry screen which displays all current inventory including outstanding PO’s still in transit. Sales can be processed using our Tablet app (iPad) which is very useful for walk-in customer sales, or mobile when taking sales orders off site. GoPure offers an Invoice Shipping module specifically designed for your shipping/checking department offering the ability to quickly convert Picking Slips into Invoices, edit quantities to reflect what was picked, or remove or replace products on the picking slip to reflect what is being shipped. It’s easy, fast, and secure.

Sales & Client


Sales Intelligence focuses on putting the right information in the hands for your sales people at the right time, including customer historical sales information, customer special pricing, customer rebates, costing and profit information. You can bulk email or fax customer price lists directly from within GoPure, and rest assured that each customer will receive their price list including any assigned customer special pricing including customer rebates.



Take advantage of GoPure’s mobile app called GoMobile. Process sales orders, use it for Quality Control, get mobile notifications based on each users preferences, and much much more.

Accounting &


You will not find a more powerful and secure Accounting & Financials back end in any Produce ERP system anywhere. It’s robust yet simple to use.



To maintain an edge over the competition, a company must be able to make decisions based on accurate information. GoPure provides you with powerful and flexible search functions that can be manipulated to meet virtually any need you might encounter for sorting, separating, grouping, targeting, and refining your business information. Most of the time there is no need to run reports, simply drill down into the screen you are working on to get almost any information you are looking for.

Performance &


GoPure ERP is a comprehensive, turnkey solution built around state-of-the-art technology provides powerful tools to effectively track, manage and control all aspects of your business, and can be easily configured to meet any business requirements.

Industry Specific


Efficiency comes with taking fewer steps to accomplish your goal. GoPure is designed for your industry. Our screen designs and our workflow methodology is head and shoulders ahead of the competition. We have been able to streamline processes to make your team more efficient, productive, and profitable.



The Business Intelligence options provided with GoPure ERP allows you to analyze your business data to help you make better decisions and better manage your business.



We take security very seriously at GoPure. Set permissions or access rights to users and groups to all areas of GoPure. Restrict the types of actions a user and perform within their authorized areas: view, add, edit, delete, save, etc. An audit trail report also provides information about which transactions are modified, what was modified and by who.



GoPure gives you the ability to drag and drop all received documents directly into GoPure for quick and easy retrieval or for instant emailing. GoPure also has a document scanning application that can scan stacks of documents at a time, and files them to their associated Invoice / Customer / Vendor.