GoPure Software system comes with lots of unique features which will boost your bottom line. Some of our features are


Purchase Management    Purchase Management    See Screenshot

  • Sophisticated entry design allowing for multiple vendors and costs associated to each vendor.
  • Costing breakdown and evaluation of landed cost.
  • Up to the second profit monitoring and management.


Inventory management    Inventory management    See Screenshot

  • Powerful Inventory Listing module allowing buyers and salesmen tonnes of functionality and information.
  • Product date management
  • Sales Tolerance
  • New price notifications
  • Very easy to use Inventory Adjustments, Physical Counts, and Management area.


Sales & Shipping Management    Sales & Shipping Management    See Screenshot

  • Sales Entry by shipment including mutiple drops and customer.
  • Sales costs entry for immediate profit evaluation
  • Sales Entry displays actual inventory for simple and effective entry
  • Border documentation
  • Shipping Invoice screen designed for quick processing of orders
  • Tablet (I-PAD) Sales Entry for floor sales
  • Customizable Price Lists by User, Customer Group, Specific Customer, or any other variation you like


Walk in Sales Mobile Tablet Management    Walk in Sales Mobile Tablet Management     See Screenshot

  •  Mobile Tablet (iPAD) POS app
  •  Easy to use and quick to process walk in sales
  • Salesman can easily walk around buggy with the tablet and enter the sale
  • Integral part of maintaining perpetual inventory


Price List Management    Price List Management    See Screenshot

  • Salesman can create an unlimited amount of their own price lists.
  • Assign different pricing per product per price list.
  • Quickly Email or Fax each price list to a group of customers or a specific one with one simple click. It’s fast and effective.


Profit / Loss Management    Profit & Loss Management    See Screenshot

  • In Depth Profit Reporting
  • On Screen profit / loss notifications
  • Up to the second profit monitoring


EDI Management    EDI Management    See Screenshot

  • Send & Receive EDI transmission with EDI Partners
  • Simple to use interface (screens)
  • 100% up time