About GoPure

GoPure Software is a modern, high tech, efficient, and highly effective food management software system with a specialty in fresh fruits and vegetables.The food industry has so many unique factors to address in order to maximize profit potential.  GoPure food software delivers food specific management software and accounting to give you the highest levels of efficiency and usability. With the understanding that each company’s success derives from their own method of operation, we’ve designed and coded GoPure Software to be highly adaptive to your specific environment making implementation quick and easy allowing your company to take advantage of the GoPure Software system right out of the gate.GoPure food management software can help you maximize profits by use of a very sophisticated purchasing / costing method, profit & loss tracking notification systems, and it’s overall intuitive nature.


Key Features


GoPure Software system comes with lots of unique features which will boost your bottom line. Some of our features are


Purchase Management    Purchase Management    See Screenshot

  • Sophisticated entry design allowing for multiple vendors and costs associated to each vendor.
  • Costing breakdown and evaluation of landed cost.
  • Up to the second profit monitoring and management.


Inventory & Traceability Management    Inventory management    See Screenshot

  • Full Traceability & Lot control
  • Powerful Inventory Listing module allowing buyers and salesmen tonnes of functionality and information.
  • Product date management
  • Sales Tolerance
  • New price notifications
  • Very easy to use Inventory Adjustments, Physical Counts, and Management area.


Sales & Shipping Management    Sales & Shipping Management    See Screenshot

  • Sales Entry by shipment including mutiple drops and customer.
  • Sales costs entry for immediate profit evaluation
  • Sales Entry displays actual inventory for simple and effective entry
  • Border documentation
  • Shipping Invoice screen designed for quick processing of orders
  • Tablet (I-PAD) Sales Entry for floor sales
  • Customizable Price Lists by User, Customer Group, Specific Customer, or any other variation you like


Mobile Apps for Tablet and Phone    Walk in Sales Mobile Tablet Management     See Screenshot

  •  Mobile Tablet (iPAD) POS app
  •  Easy to use and quick to process walk in sales
  • Salesman can easily walk around buggy with the tablet and enter the sale
  • Integral part of maintaining perpetual inventory
  • Quality Control app, ability to take pictures and flag problems. Immediately notifies buyer


Price List Management Price List Management     See Screenshot

  • Salesman can create an unlimited amount of their own price lists.
  • Assign different pricing per product per price list.
  • Quickly Email or Fax each price list to a group of customers or a specific one with one simple click. It’s fast and effective.


Profit / Loss Management    Profit & Loss Management     See Screenshot

  • In Depth Profit Reporting
  • On Screen profit / loss notifications
  • Up to the second profit monitoring


EDI Management    EDI Management    See Screenshot

  • Send & Receive EDI transmission with EDI Partners
  • Simple to use interface (screens)
  • 100% up time

And much, much more !